Skill Levels
* White / Gray Belt
* Yellow Belt
* Orange / Green Belt
 *** These Skill Levels will also apply to the No-Gi Divisions

Weight Classes
During the Online registration process, we will ask what your child's "walk around' weight it. We will give them a 5 lbs allowance at the weigh-ins. Gathering this information allows for us to more accurately bracket our youth competitors into more competitive & safe divisions.
* Besides their ages, Kids will be matched by weight & skill level.
* We request that if you placed 1st in a prior AGC event, you SHOULD move up a skill level in order to continue to test your abilities!
* We reserve the right to subdivide or combine the above weight classes the day of the event depending on competitor turnout.
* There are NO SUBMIISSIONS ALLOWED for the 6-8 years olds! (all skill levels)