Can I enter BOTH the Gi & No-Gi divisions for one registration?
- YES, you can enter both divisions or only one!  However, you CAN NOT enter multiple weight classes.
2.  What are the formats of your tournaments?
-  Currently, most of our events use a "Round Robin" format.  
3.  Do you give ANY “weight allowance” for ADULT COMPETITORS when weighing in?
YES, we DO allow a 0.3lbs allowance for ADULT COMPETITORS.  Underwear must be worn during weigh-ins.
4.  Do I have to wear my Gi when weighing in?
- NO, you DO NOT need to wear a Gi when weighing in.
5.  Can Adult Female competitors compete in the Male divisions?
- NO.  Only our Kids or Teen divisions are “Co-Ed”.
6.  I am under 18 years old, can I compete in the Adult Divisions?
-  Only TEENS, ages 15 years & up, are allowed to enter the ADULT Divisions.  Decision to allow for them to enter a “Absolute Division" will be made on a case by case basis.  When registering, they will need to pay as an “ADULT”.
7.  Is there a Spectator Fee?
YES, $10 per person (cash).