• 6-8 years & 9-11 years = 3 Min
• 12-14 years & 15-17 years = 4 Min 
Men, Women, Masters
• All Masters skill levels =  5 Min
• White & Blue Belt = 5 Min 
• Purple Belt & Up = 6 Min
Takedowns -2 POINTS
Sweep from the Guard - 2 POINTS
Knee on Stomach Position - 2 POINTS
Guard Pass - 3 POINTS
Rear Mount Position (w/ hooks) - 4 POINTS
Mount Position - 4 POINTS
* You must hold your position for 3 seconds to obtain the points*
• T-shirts or Rash Guards are optional for male competitors

• Shoes & "hard groin protectors" ARE NOT ALLOWED in Gi or No-Gi divisions.

• Must wear a regulation BJJ Gi, with full length pants and jacket

• No Slamming (from the Guard, Takedown, or while caught in a submission).

• No throwing an opponent off the mat or spiking an opponent on his/her head

• No strikes of any kind

• No attacks to the front of the windpipe (i.e. Finger in throat), eyes (elbows, palms, fingers, etc.) or groin. 
• No pushing palm or elbow directly into nose. 

• No small joint manipulation (fingers or toes)

• No spitting and or swearing.  Also, any "sudden outbursts"  made by a competitor during a match will be considered a “Verbal Tap”, and will results in an immediate Ref. stoppage.

• Any intentional use of an illegal technique or act of poor sportsmanship will result in the immediate ejection of that competitor.

• If competitors are deadlocked or go out of bounds without being in a dominate position, the referee may re-start the match from a standing position.

• Competitor can not disengage from the “fight” once it is on the ground.  1st offense will result in a warning, 2nd offense in a 1 point deduction, 3rd offense will result in disqualification.

• A competitor can not exit the ring at any time to escape a submission that is “locked in”.

• All matches will be decided by the referee. In the event that fighter are equal in terms of points, The Referee will determine the winner by considering first, who skillfully controlled the Pace, Place, and Position on the mat, in order to ultimately set up an eventual submission. Pace is, which Grappler determined the tempo of the match. Place is, which Grappler dictated where on the mat the match took place. Position is, which Grappler successfully initiated the tie ups and other action.

• The Referee can decide to allow for ONE 2 Min. over time. But only if he feels that both competitors were equal after regulation is over. After the Over Time period, the Referee will make a decision based on the criteria above.

• Referee’s decision is Final!
NO SUBMIISSIONS ALLOWED for the 6-8 years olds!  (all skill levels)
• No attacks below the waist (No Knee bars, straight ankle locks, or toe holds)
• No Wrist Locks
• No Neck Cranks (i.e. Can Opener)
 No Standing Guillotines (guillotine chokes can only be initiated while on the ground) 
• No "Jumping Guard" or 'flying submission attempts'
• No Toe-holds, Knee bars, calf or bicep slicers
• No heel hooks or twisting knee locks of any kind
• No neck cranks of any kind
• Straight Ankle locks & Wrist Locks are allowed!
• White Belts CAN NOT "Jump Guard" or 'flying submission attempts'
• No heel hooks or twisting knee locks of any kind
• No neck cranks of any kind
• Biceps & Calf Slicers, Wrist Locks, Stright Ankle locks,  Knee Bars, and Toe Holds are allowed!