***2019 Competition Dates & Locations***  

March 9th
April 20th
AGC Presents:

May 11t

August 3rd
AGC Presents:
The Masters Open
Cleveland, OH
*Competition will be open to Youth & Adult competitors OVER the age of 30 years old*
  *Adult & Youth Competitors = Round Robin /  Gi & No-Gi Divisions*

September 14th
AGC Presents:
Ohio "Submission Only Challenge
Columbus, OH
  *Adult Competitors = Submission Only / Single Elimanation /  Gi & No-Gi Divisions*
*Youth Competitors = Normal Format / Round Robin / Gi & No-Gi Divisions*
Novemver 3rd
2019 Ohio State Jiu-Jitsu Championships
Dayton, OH
  *Adult & Youth Competitors = Round Robin / Gi & No-Gi Divisions*